New Hiking Guide – Kvalvika Beach

I’ve just added a new hiking and camping page for Kvalvika Beach.  A few photos as well.


Check it out! And if you like what I’m doing here and think any of my info is useful, please help me out a bit and spread the word to your friends.  The more traffic this place gets, the more motivation I’ll have to make cool (free) stuff for you guys…

I’ve already began uploading images to my archive some photos from the August/September part of my travels, 50 online so far.  –CLICK HERE– if you want to see them. Otherwise, I’ll hopefully get a quick edit down to about 20 images and have a new gallery online here by the end of the week.

New Hiking Route Page – Steinstinden

I’ve added a new hiking route page for Steinstinden peak, located near Stamsund on Vestvagoy.