Friday Photo #88 – Summer Storm

Ray of light silhouettes stormy mountain landscape, Vestvagoy, Lofoten islands, Norway

Photo: Ray of light shines over Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway.  August 1, 2010.  22:12

Despite what you might see in the travel guides, summer on Lofoten is not always blue sky at 20+ degree temperatures.  The summer of 2010 was a particularly cold, stormy one, with only a few days of calm weather.  Weather that I took full advantage of.

These years were still in my ‘backpacking’ days, where I traveled predominately by hitch hiking or bus.  But my friend Søren and I did manage to pay out enough money for a two day car rental at one point during the trip.

The day had been spend exploring the north side of the islands, where the weather had been a bit better, before finally returning to Stamsund.  But as evening progressed, we could see that the light might do something interesting and so we hopped back in the car and headed towards Utakleiv.

Up on Hagskaret, the high pass between Stamsund and Leknes, I saw this light.  I knew we were probably a bit too late to reach any of the beaches so I pulled over and took this photo.  Just a beam of light shining below the heaving clouds.  It rained for the next days.

Camera Info:
Nikon D700
Nikon 85mm f/2.8 tilt-shift
ISO 200
f 8
1/200 second
WB Daylight