Horseid Beach Hiking Guide

I’ve added a new hiking guide for Horseid beach -CLICK HERE-

Horseid is probably my favorite beach on the Lofoten Islands, and I highly recommend making the effort to go there and camp for a couple nights.

I’ve changed up the format a little bit.  Instead of having just some rotating images at the top, I’ve now just inserted them in the post after all the text content; in the same style as the other beach guides I’ve written.

If you actually read this, I would greatly appreciate some feedback as to which style you prefer best: Rotating images at the top of post, or all the images displayed within the body of the post.  On the one hand, the rotating images is a bit cleaner look, but if you actually want to study the image for longer than a second or two, having them within the post seems a bit better.  If you guys like it, I might update everything to this format…

Next week I should get around to adding new Summer and Autumn photo galleries.  I’ve edited and selected the images, now all I need to do is downsize and upload them.

New Guide – Lofoten’s 3 Best Beaches

I’ve just added a new article for the three best beaches on the Lofoten Islands. Kvalvika, Bunes, and Horseid beaches

CLICK HERE — to check in out.

This article differs from the older ‘Top 5 Beaches‘ travel guide I had in that it was possible to drive and park at all of those.  To reach to truly best beaches on Lofoten, You’re going to have to put your legs to a bit of work and do some hiking (and also a ferry for Bunes and Horseid).  But the effort is worth it as they are truly spectacular places and and least 1-2 of them should be near the top of any travel itinerary when visiting the islands.

New Hiking Guide – Kvalvika Beach

I’ve just added a new hiking and camping page for Kvalvika Beach.  A few photos as well.


Check it out! And if you like what I’m doing here and think any of my info is useful, please help me out a bit and spread the word to your friends.  The more traffic this place gets, the more motivation I’ll have to make cool (free) stuff for you guys…

I’ve already began uploading images to my archive some photos from the August/September part of my travels, 50 online so far.  –CLICK HERE– if you want to see them. Otherwise, I’ll hopefully get a quick edit down to about 20 images and have a new gallery online here by the end of the week.

Updates coming soon!

I’m finally finished with my travels for the year, which included about 4 weeks on Lofoten:  Two weeks catching the end of summer in late August and then back again for Autumn at the end of September/beginning of October.

August proved to be somewhat stormy, but I still managed a few days out in the mountains and some wonderful nights camping at Horseid and Kvalvika beaches.

As I returned again at the end of September, I was mostly expecting just to shoot some Autumn color and be content with walking away with a few good photos.  But the Autumn remained mild and calm, and day after day I found myself on top of one mountain or another: Skottind, Himmeltind, Offersoykammen, and Hoven.  I tried to save these for the days with the best weather, but wasn’t always successful in this regard.  But all in all, I exceeded my expected productivity for this part of the trip.

My only disappointment comes in regards to the northern lights.  From August till October, I spend 6 weeks north of the Arctic Circle: 4 on Lofoten, 2 in north Sweden hiking on the Kungsleden.  Though in this time I only ever saw a few minor displays that weren’t particularly photogenic.  That is until my last night in Lofoten, when the entire sky lit up from horizon to horizon for the best Aurora that I’ve ever seen.  The only problem was that I was aboard the Hurtigurten, sailing across the Vestfjord to Bodø.  Thus I could only watch, knowing I couldn’t take any photos.  But as I like to say, it’s just all the more reason to go back and try my luck again.  At the moment I have the end of February roughly scheduled for my next visit.

If I can keep myself to a decent writing schedule I should be able to add one new page per week or so, plus couple new photo galleries as well.  And if anyone has any suggestions on info you’d like to see that I’ve yet to write about, let me know and I’ll do my best…

And I’m Off To Lofoten

I’m finally making my way to Lofoten today. I fly from London, a long layover in Oslo, and finally arrive in Bodø in the evening. I’ll then catch the 0200 ferry which will put me in Moskenes around 0600 Tuesday morning. At least I should be able to get a few hours sleep on the ferry, which is more comfortable the the waiting room of ferry terminal building.

The weather has been nice the last days, but it’s not looking too good for when I arrive. But if by chance things look okay I’ll probably either hike up to Munkebu hut or take the ferry Vindstad and hike to Bunes beach. If the weather is not doing so well, I’ll probably just hitchhike to Stamsund and rent a car from there to travel around the next weeks.

This trip is pretty short, only 2 weeks. But I’ll be back again in late September for another 2 weeks after spending some time hiking in northern Sweden.  I have a pretty big of info to gather to add new content to the sight here.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and lets these couple trips be somewhat productive.

Over on my normal photography/travel blog I’ve put together a list of the camping gear I’m taking with me. -CLICK HERE- to check it out…

New Page – Lofoten’s 5 Best Beaches

I’ve added a new page on the 5 best beaches (that you can drive to) on the Lofoten Islands. Lots of photos too!

CLICK HERE to check it out!

New Hiking Route Page – Steinstinden

I’ve added a new hiking route page for Steinstinden peak, located near Stamsund on Vestvagoy.


Up And Running

Well, I think I now have the basics of the website up and running.  There’s probably still a few typos that I haven’t yet caught and maybe a few formatting errors, but I hope that everything else is good to go.

I’ll be adding more content over the next weeks, so keep checking back….

A New Start – May 2012

It’s been almost 2 years since I made the first version of as a focus for my images from the Lofoten Islands.  I had intended to do more, but after the initial site design, I only made one gallery update and then sort of lost focus.  The site has ever received 1-2 pageviews a day anyhow, so I didn’t see much point in putting in too much effort at the time; although that’s probably why I get so little views.

Well, now things are underway again with a complete overhaul and re-design.  Image are bigger than ever and I’ve written some 6,000 words of information and descriptions about the islands.  I’ll hopefully finish up with the basic site by next week and have everything in a decent working order; I’m still struggling with a few design quirks.  And then I’ll start adding more focused and detailed information, mostly in regards to photography on the islands.  Hopefully I can then turn this content into a series of eBooks and possibly an Iphone app or two.