Reine, Moskenesøy

448 meters

1 km

Hard, Steep, Slippery

1.5 - 2 hours

Update – August 2018: Work has begun for the 3rd year on the ‘Sherpa path’ being build up Reinebringen. The mountain is now CLOSED for hiking until September 30. DO NOT attempt to go around the barriers, as dangerous work on the steep slopes is being done. There are literally hundreds of mountains on Lofoten – GO HIKE SOMEWHERE ELSE!

At a modest 448 meters high, Reinebringen is far from one of the highest peaks on the Lofoten islands. Yet this is more than made up for by the iconic view from the summit. This view, combined with the easy access from Reine and a constant flow of images on social media means that Reinebringen is one of the most popular hikes on Lofoten, with hundreds of people making the ascent each day. That said, the trail to the summit of Reinebringen is not really a hike, but rather a steep climb to a view point along the ridge.

A word of caution

In the last years with the ever growing popularity of Lofoten as a travel destination, Reinebringen has been seeing ever increasing crowds and the mountain is beginning to suffer. The trail is experiencing more and more erosion and rockfall is beginning to become an all too common occurrence. The local community is now discouraging hikers on the mountain until a new trail can be built.

I know a photo from the top along with some quote about living your dreams will get you thousands of likes on Instagram, but unless you’re planning on visiting this peak on a day full of rainbows and flying unicorns, please think of whether you need to hike this mountain and not an alternative, such as: Festvågtind, Mannen, Stornappstind, or any of the countless other fantastic views across Lofoten.

You will still hike this mountain anyhow, so just be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to those hiking above and below you. And if you cause any rock fall, yell: ‘ROCK!!!’ as loud as you can to warn others below you.

Getting There

Drive towards Reine. At the corner of the E10 and the turnoff into Reine is a parking area.  Alternatively, on the Å side of Ramsvikstunnelen are several small pullouts along the E10.

From the parking area walk west (south) along the E10 in the direction of Å.  Take the paved path along the outside of the tunnel (Ramsvikstunnelen).  Where the path is close to connecting back with the E10 on the far side, look for a small trail emerging from the bushes.  There is a painted arrow on the pathway pointing towards the trail head. In summer it should be fairly simple to locate.

The Trail

The hike begins as a fairly muddy path winding its way upwards through the low birch forest.  Climbing higher up the mountain, the trees begin to thin and one will come across several short but wet rock steps to negotiate.
Once clear of the forest, the trail gradually steepens and alternates between turf (which can be wet/slippery) and rocky sections.  If others are above you, there is risk of rockfall as the trail becomes more eroded from use. Stick to the main trail as much as possible and don’t make any new paths.

The trail steepens in one final rocky ascent before finally reaching the ridge and the spectacular view over Reine. Many choose to stop here, or you can continue to the right up the steep rocks and follow the short trail to the last small peak.  Alternatively, one can follow the trail towards the left which continues high up the ridge.


There are several places along the ridge where a tent can be pitched.  All are completely exposed, so be aware of conditions and any incoming weather.  No water is available near the top.


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