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Hidden between the rugged, vertical mountains and wild coastline of the Lofoten Islands are some of Norway’s most scenic beaches. Whether they are vast stretches of sand which bask in the light of the midnight sun during summer, or quiet stretches reflecting the northern lights in winter, Lofoten is as much a beach destination as a hiking one.

For the brave, a dip in the chilly arctic waters might be the highlight of your Lofoten trip. While for others, climbing that steep mountain ridge to look down on the beach now far below you will be a lifelong memory. The beauty of Lofoten is that the beaches can be enjoyed from the sea to the surrounding mountain summits. Sometimes, the toughest decision is deciding which view you like better!

I wrote this guide to show you the beauty of Lofoten’s beaches, covering everything from the scenic roadside destinations to the hidden gems, reached only after hours of hiking.  Beaches Of Lofoten serves as both a practical guide as well as visual inspiration to help you discover the best of what Lofoten’s beaches have to offer.


Beaches Of Lofoten is a visual guide of the wonderful beaches spread across Lofoten. This guide covers the full expanse of Lofoten, with more than a dozen roadside locations as well as the wild, hiking only beaches of Moskenesøy. In addition to the seaside views, Beaches Of Lofoten also provide guides to a number of mountain hikes with views over the beaches below.

UPDATED: 2nd edition

PDF ebook, 208 pages, 174 images, 11,000 words. 77MB download.


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Beaches At A Glance

An introductory overview to the beaches of Lofoten. With descriptions for both summer and winter, this chapter gives you a preview of what to expect when visiting Lofoten.


Practical information for your visit to Lofoten.  Where to stay, and how to get around the Islands, including contact information for local car hire companies.  Note: this is only an abridged version of the more detailed content found in the Seasons On Lofoten series.

Beach Hikes

Hiking guides to the three main beaches of Moskenesøy: Bunes, Horseid, and Kvalvika. These beaches are only reached by foot, but are the very best of what Lofoten has to offer.

Roadside Beaches

A guide to the beaches on Lofoten that can be reached by car: Uttakleiv, Haukland, Skagsanden, Unstad, and beyond. More than a dozen easy to reach beach locations across Lofoten.

Mountain Views – UPDATED

If you don’t like sandy feet, then this chapter is for you. Detailed hiking guides which provide some of Lofoten’s most spectacular views over the white sands and turquoise water of the beaches below you. With routes of all difficulties, hikes include: Mannen – Haukland, Helvetestind – Bunes, Branntuva – Horseid, Ryten – Kvalvika, and more.

Updated for second edition: Nubben and Flakstadtind

Helpful Links

A collection of links and online resources helpful for trip planning.

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