For those of you not wanting to carry camping gear, yet still looking to enjoy a night in the mountains, there are several mountain huts spread across Lofoten.

The main mountain huts on Lofoten are operated by Lofoten Turlag, a local branch of the DNT – Den Norske Turistforening – Norwegian Trekking Association. The DNT is the main outdoor association across Norway and operates most of the mountain huts across the country. While non-members can stay in the huts, you need to be a member to obtain your own hut key. More information can be found on the DNT website.

DNT (or other association) membership is required when borrowing hut keys on Lofoten.

The huts are the same standard as you’ll find in the mountains across Norway. Simple bunks and blankets for sleeping – bring a sleeping bag or sleep sheet, and basic kitchen area for cooking. Water is typically gathered from a nearby source.

UPDATE SUMMER 2016: Due to the occurrence of vandalism and other issues, all mountain huts operated by Lofoten Turlag now require individual keys and no longer take the standard DNT key. This unfortunately means that access to the keys is sometimes only available during standard business hours, and can make planning difficult, especially if arriving from outside of Lofoten.

Check Lofoten Turlag website for opening times to pick up keys:

DNT Mountain Huts On Lofoten



15 beds

Non standard key. Available at Moskenes tourist information located in Reine Kultursenter.


15 beds

Non standard key. Contact Lofoten Turlag for key.



6 beds

Non standard key. Available at tourist information center, Svolvær.


8 beds

Standard DNT key

Reservations possible – see Vesterålen Turlag

Map - Mountain Huts on Lofoten



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