Getting To Lofoten

Where are the Lofoten Islands and the best ways to get there.

Summit of Markan, Lofoten Islands, Norway

When To Go

When is the best time to visit Lofoten?  Useful info if planning a first journey to the islands.

Lofoten Winter Hiking Clothing

What to Wear

Clothing advice for traveling to Lofoten in summer, winter, or anytime in between.

Getting Around the Islands

Car, bus, or foot.  A brief guide to traveling around the Lofoten Islands.

Winter Driving - Lofoten Islands, Norway

Winter Driving

Planning to drive on Lofoten in winter? A brief introduction of what to expect to keep you safe and on the road.

Lofoten Islands Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Are the Lofoten Islands a good place to watch the Northern Lights?  And when is the best time to see them.

Sunrise and Sunset

How long are the days on Lofoten? Here you will find a summary of the movements of the sun throughout the year.

Midnight Sun, Lofoten Islands, norway

Midnight Sun

When and where is the midnight sun visible on Lofoten?  Find out here…

Seasons on Lofoten

Descriptions of the various seasons on Lofoten and what you can expect to find in relation to weather, temperature, and sunlight hours.

Female hiker jumps in air on sand dune at Horseid beach, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten on a Budget

Don’t let tales of Norway’s high costs scare you away from Lofoten.  A quick guide to traveling this arctic paradise while keeping to a modest budget.

Drone Rules

Rules and regulations for flying drones in Norway.

Cod Stockfish hang to dry in cold winter air, Toppøya, Reine, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Useful Links

A collection of links with useful information relating to the Lofoten Islands: travel and transport, weather, online maps, hostel and hiking info.


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