Lofoten Outdoors – Overview

Female hiker leaves footprints in sand on scenic Horseid beach, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten’s Three Most Scenic Hiking Beaches

Here you’ll find travel info and photos for the three most scenic (hiking) beaches on the Lofoten Islands: Bunes beach, Horseid beach, and Kvalvika beach.  These are also some of the more isolated beaches on Lofoten and all of them require some amount of hiking to reach.

Lofoten’s Best Beaches – that you can drive to

The beaches listed here are the most scenic ones which are possible to drive to and park at.  Fortunately, ease of access doesn’t mean they are not spectacular places, they just lack a bit of the isolation that makes the best beaches so special.

Munkebu mountain hut, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Mountain Huts

A guide to the mountain huts founds across the Lofoten Islands.

Hiking Lofoten Islands Norway

Hiking Introduction

An introduction to hiking in the mountains of Lofoten.

Female hiker with snowshoes at winter dawn on way to Ryten, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Winter Hiking

An overview of what you need to know before heading into the mountains in winter.

Lofotodden Nasjonalpark

An Introduction and overview of Norway’s 40th national park, Lofoten – Lofotodden nasjonalpark – Opening in June 2019

Hiking Munken Lofoten Islands Norway

Wild Camping on Lofoten

A brief overview about wild camping on the Lofoten Islands and Norway in general.


Kungsleden South - HIking From Kvikkjokk to Hemavan
Padjelantaleden Sweden - Hiking From Kvikkjokk to Ritsem
Northern Light - Lofoten Islands
Kungsleden North - Abisko to Kvikkjokk