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The Lofoten Islands are a dreamlike landscape of rugged mountain peaks rising directly from the deep blue sea. North of the arctic circle, Lofoten is a true land of the midnight sun, where it will circle the sky for nearly two months without setting. During summer, time ceases to hold much importance and beginning a hike at midnight makes just as much sense as noon.

In this guide you’ll find the information I’ve gathered over many years of travel to the Islands, helping provide you with a working knowledge base to plan your visit to Lofoten and experience the best the Islands have to offer.

Welcome to Lofoten – welcome to the Islands of light.



Seasons On Lofoten – Summer covers the months on June, July and August on the Islands.  More than a guide to the best roadside views, this book provides you with the info to experience some of Lofoten’s most stunning beaches and mountain views.

Second Edition, May 2019

PDF, 155 pages, 122 images


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in the book

Welcome To Summer

A brief summary of what to expect during the summer months on Lofoten to help you choose which month willbe best for you to visit the Islands.

Travel Planning

The practical information for planning your trip to Lofoten. What’s the best way to get there? Where on the Islands should you stay and for how long. How scary is it to drive in winter.

Equipping Yourself

Camera gear to clothing: what you need to bring to keep yourself warm and dry while focusing on your photography. Or, if you need some fuel for you stove, a listing of shops where you can resupply.

Summer Light

Key dates and descriptions of the changing of light throughout the summer. From the midnight sun of June, the twilight nights of July, to the return of the northern lights at the end of August. This chapter tells you what light you can expect across the summer months.

Beyond The Road

An introduction to the wild side of Lofoten for the more adventurous. Lofoten begins where the road ends.

Hiking Lofoten

Six of my favorite summer mountain views and beaches on Lofoten. Hiking guides to Bunes, Horseid, and Kvalvika beaches, as well as the stunning views found from the summits of Ryten, Mannen, and Reinebringen.

Summer Landscapes

A 41 image portfolio serving as a visual guide to some of Lofoten’s most scenic summer views.

Helpful Links

A collection of the best online resources to help you plan your trip.

Image Key

Location information and camera settings for all photos shown in this book.

sample pages

The Risk Is On Me

While I think this ebook is perhaps the next best thing to having your own personal travel on the Islands, it’s not up for me to decide. If, in the unlikely situation, you are not 100% satisfied with this product, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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