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43 hikes on moskenesøy and flakstadøy

The mountains of Lofoten have an allure like no other place in the world. And as I put the final touches on this guide during the long nights of December, I will have called Lofoten home for nearly a year, fifteen years since I first saw the Islands rising out of the Vestfjord. It was a long journey and I was somewhat worried that I might lose some interest in the place; becoming accustomed to having such wonderful views filling my life on a daily basis. Yet as time passes, my obsession with the Islands deepens and I now have a near endless list of places to visit and photograph, enough to keep me busy for several more life times.

And yet, on the Islands of near endless beauty, the mountains of the west have drawn me in the most. Wild, steep, barren, lonely, empty, rugged, these glacially carved spires of granite rise from the sea with near perfect grace; almost as if they were designed to be hiked and photographed. Nowhere else on Lofoten can you look almost straight down on vast, empty beaches of golden sand and azure water from atop the seemingly impenetrable vertical peaks rising above.

The books begins with a general overview of the outdoors and mountain travel before getting more detailed about the specific characteristics of Lofoten. The hiking chapters cover 43 mountain hikes with maps, trail ratings, detailed route descriptions and photo galleries to help you decide which peak is best for you.

The 4th edition has added 5 new hikes and more than 40 new pages over the previous version: 2 new hikes on Moskenesøy and 3 new hikes on Flakstadøy.

West Lofoten Hikes V4


West Lofoten: 43 hikes on Moskenesøy and Flakstadøy is a factual, written guide combined with visual inspiration to take you beyond the road and into the wonderful mountains of Lofoten’s wild west. With hikes ranging from easy walks to difficult, off-trail routes, this is a guide for those looking to explore the fantastic views located in the western half of Lofoten.

Fourth edition – May 2022

PDF EBOOK, 408 pages, 260 images, 150 mb download.


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in the book

Lofoten Overview

A general introduction to the Lofoten islands with basic information about where to stay, getting supplies, and traveling around the Islands.

Equipping Yourself

A short guide to dressing and packing for the mountains and where to find supplies.

Hiking on Lofoten

Specific information about hiking and the outdoors on Lofoten.

Beyond the Road

Further information about Allemansretten, wild camping, leave no trace, and wilderness ethics and rules on Lofoten.

Moskenesøy Hikes

23 mountain hikes on the island of Moskenesøy with maps, detailed trail descriptions and photos. Hikes include: Hellsegga, Andstabben, Mengelsdalstind, Tindstind, Merraflestind, Munkebu hut, Munken, Hermannsdalstind, Veinestind, Reinebringen, Helvetestind, Storskiva, Narvtind, Branntuva, Markan, Peak 492, Nonstind, Tverrfjellet,, Kitind, Moltind, Ryten, Fuglhuken and Røren/Ytresandheia.

Flakstadøy Hikes

17 mountain hikes on the island of Flakstadøy with maps, detailed trail descriptions and photos. Hikes include: Volandstind, Neslandsheia, Nubben, Moltind, Flakstadtind, Tønsåsheia, Nesheia, Hestræva, Andopshesten, Hustind, Stornappstind, Hornet, and Møntind.

The Beaches

Hiking guide to Lofoten’s three spectacular beaches located within Lofotodden national park. Hikes include: Bunes beach, Horseid beach, Kvalvika beach.

Helpful Links

Additional information for helping you plan your trip to Lofoten.

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West Lofoten Hikes V4

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