Autumn is perhaps Lofoten’s best kept secrets. The landscape glows golden for a few short weeks making it a scenic and colorful time to take in some of Lofoten’s spectacular mountain views. As the weather begins to grow moody, the first storms may bring a dance of light and shadow across the land. With the northern lights once again returning to the night sky – without the freezing temperatures of winter, they can be experienced in a more enjoyable setting, such as late nights around a beachside campfire.

With years of experience photographing and exploring Lofoten during autumn, this workshop is specifically created for the highest likelihood of autumn color, long nights for northern lights, and mild enough temperatures for seeking out some of Lofoten’s hidden landscapes. This is the time I want to be on Lofoten myself, so I’m hoping to share this magical part of the year with you.

This is an active outdoor photography workshop about exploring Lofoten’s fantastic mountain landscapes.

The workshop’s guiding and instruction will be provided by Cody Duncan.

For booking or questions:



Group size: 4 participants + guide

The workshop will officially begin in Leknes at 12:00 on Friday, September 25 and end in Leknes at 12:00 on Thursday, October 1. Please schedule your arrival as close as possible to these times.

Pickup/drop-off will be available at the airport and in the city center.

Accommodation: Our bases will be on Vestvågøy, in the heart of Lofoten and in Reine, in scenic western Lofoten.

Physical Ability: Moderate to good physical ability is required for this tour. Though none of the planned hikes are overly physically demanding, we will aim to reach several mountain peaks up to 500 meters and spend some 4-5 hours away from the van at any given time.

You should be hiking with a backpack or camera gear on a regular basis and be comfortable on potentially muddy and rocky trails. The mountains of Lofoten are still wild, so trails are potentially steeper and narrower than what you might be used to at home. If you have any doubts about your abilities, please ask. Also see my article: Hiking on Lofoten

Getting to Lofoten: From within Europe, SAS airlines offers travel to Lofoten from a multitude of destinations. From North America, Norwegian airlines offers good value flights to Norway from the west and east coasts, however flights to Lofoten will have to be booked via SAS/Widerøe airlines.

For more travel information, see: Getting to Lofoten


Workshop price: 2715 Euros (27500 NOK)

Deposit: 8000 NOK

Payment will be made in Norwegian NOK, for the amount of 27500 NOK. Euro price is an estimate and subject to change with currency fluctuations.

The deposit is required to reserve your place on the workshop. Deposit is non refundable. Full payment is due 60 days before workshop.

Payments will be made by bank transfer.

Please note: Before booking any travel to Lofoten, make sure you have paid your deposit for the trip.

For booking or questions, contact:


September 2020 Lofoten Mountain Photography Workshop - Exploring Autumn
September 2020 Lofoten Mountain Photography Workshop - Exploring Autumn


The nature of Lofoten requires a great deal of flexibility to the local weather conditions once on the Islands. Each morning/evening we will take a look at the current conditions and plan our day accordingly.

The aim of this workshop is to show you the fantastic landscapes of Lofoten. Weather cooperating, we will hopefully hike 3-4 mountain peaks, 300-500 meters in height. While none of the routes are difficult, a moderate level of physical fitness is required with previous hiking experience.

If the weather is stormy and moody, we will focus on coastal areas of the Islands, taking shelter among the cliffs.

Each night we will keep a close eye on the sky and go out hunting for auroras.

Day 1

Arrival on Lofoten: Friday, September 25

You will be picked up in early afternoon in Leknes. With sunset occurring around 19:00, we will head off to one of the famous beaches at Uttakleiv or Haukland, hopefully with some nice clouds in the sky. After dark, we’ll travel 1 hour west to our accommodation in Reine. After dinner, we’ll keep watch for northern lights.

Days 2 – 3

Allowing for flexibility of local weather conditions, we will explore the central areas of Lofoten during the first few days. Typically we’ll focus on the Reine area during the mornings. As we see how the conditions develop throughout the day, we’ll pick a mountain destination for mid afternoon and shoot sunset from the summit. If the weather is extra special, we might even take a gamble and wait around on the summit for northern lights to appear.

Days 4 – 6

In the morning we’ll relocate to our accommodation near Leknes.

From here, we’ll have close access to the famous beaches of Vestvågøy including Haukland, Uttakleiv and the arctic surfer paradise of Unstad.

Again, weather permitting, we’ll aim to be in position on any of the nearby mountains for a sunset photography session.

Day 7

Departing Lofoten: Thursday, October 1

The tour will officially end at 12:00 in Leknes. However, all attempts will be made to best accommodate transport to your departing flights or ferry.


Accommodation – 6 nights accommodation on Lofoten

All transportation on Lofoten, including Leknes airport pickup and drop off in passenger van.

Professional photography and location guiding by Cody Duncan.


Air travel to and from Leknes.

Meals: Each individual will be responsible for their own food. We will have nearby options of restaurants and supermarkets.

Insurance: travel insurance in mandatory for this trip. Tour guides and trip organizers will use their best knowledge to keep all participants safe, but will not be held responsible for any personal or equipment injury which might occur. Insurance needs to cover any emergency medical treatment and transport, related to the tour or not, which may occur.

Alcoholic drinks.

Anything else not mentioned as included.


Photography Gear

Camera – Any camera welcome, but a full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode will give you the best performance while shooting northern lights.
Tripod – A strong tripod that can tolerate the occasional windy or stormy conditions of Lofoten.
Lenses – A selection of lenses from 14 to 200mm is recommended. A fast wide angle f/2.8 or faster is beneficial for shooting northern lights, should they appear.
Filters – This is somewhat to shooting style, but I heavily recommend a set of neutral density filters, covering: 3, 6, and 10 stops.
Cable Release – Cable or remote camera release, preferably with ability to lock in Bulb mode for long exposures.
Camera Cover – It is likely we will encounter some adverse weather on Lofoten, so you want to be able to cover your camera and keep shooting.
Lens cleaning – Some locations can be exposed to sea spray. I recommend a combination of pre-moistened disposable lens wipes (Zeiss and Nikon make some) and dry cleaning tissues. I find microfiber cloths don’t handle the maritime conditions and quickly become unusable.
Storage – Bring plenty of memory cards to last for multiple days of shooting.


You will need to be prepared for potentially rainy, wet, and cold conditions, so a good set of waterproof clothing is advisable. While I won’t be taking us to the mountains in torrential downpours, passing rain is a likelihood.

For a detailed clothing list, see my article: What to Wear

Lofoten Summer Hiking Clothing


Cody Duncan is one of the most experienced photographers living and working on Lofoten today. Since first visiting the Islands as a young backpacker in 2001, he traveled to Lofoten more than 20 times before deciding it was finally time to move there in the winter of 2016.

In 2010 he created the website 68 North to showcase his ever growing Lofoten portfolio which has now become one of the best photography and travel resources available today. In 2015 Cody began publishing photography guides focused on the unique seasonal nature of the Islands, drawing upon his years of experience exploring hidden corners and lonely mountain tops across Lofoten.

Cody was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Spending many of his early years surfing the cold waters of the Pacific, just down the road from his childhood home. His early 20’s saw him turn his focus to the mountains, soloing numerous 4000+ meter peaks in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. As his photography career developed, he soon found himself spending more time in the wild landscapes and turbulent weather of northern Europe. Cody’s images have been published by: Visit Norway, National Geographic, Men’s Journal, Sunset Magazine, Lonely Planet Magazine, GEO Saison, British Airways High Life, and numerous calendars, travel guides, and more.

Cody now lives on Flakstadøy, in the heart of Lofoten.


Tour amount due at time of final payment is 27,500 NOK – (8000 NOK deposit + 19500 remaining balance). Euro price of €2,715 based on estimate of € 1 = 10.13 NOK at time of publishing. This is subject to change and may affect your final price at time of payment.

Travel insurance is mandatory and must cover hiking and other outdoor activities. Some providers are: World Nomads, ADAC, Allianz, Medjetassist

Travel insurance needs to cover any medical emergencies or accidents before, during and in transit to the workshop. Any situation which would require you to cancel the tour before or during the trip. Any loss or damage to your luggage or photography equipment.

Deposit is non-refundable.

Any cancelations will be fully refunded (minus deposit) up to 90 days before tour. After that, no refunds are available.

Tour itinerary is subject to change due to any potentially unforeseen circumstances, such as weather cancelations, etc.

If tour itself is cancelled by the operator, then full refunds (including deposit) for the price of the tour will be given to all participants. This does not cover any additional transportation costs to Lofoten/Norway, which should be covered by your travel insurance.

Cody Duncan Photography is a member of the Norwegian Reisegarantifondet, mandatory insurance for all tour operators in Norway.