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New Guide – Lofoten’s 3 Best Beaches

I’ve just added a new article for the three best beaches on the Lofoten Islands. Kvalvika, Bunes, and Horseid beaches — CLICK HERE — to check in out. This article differs from the older ‘Top 5 Beaches‘ travel guide I had in that it was possible to drive and park at all of those.  To […]

New Hiking Guide – Kvalvika Beach

I’ve just added a new hiking and camping page for Kvalvika Beach.  A few photos as well. –CLICK HERE– Check it out! And if you like what I’m doing here and think any of my info is useful, please help me out a bit and spread the word to your friends.  The more traffic this […]

Updates coming soon!

I’m finally finished with my travels for the year, which included about 4 weeks on Lofoten:  Two weeks catching the end of summer in late August and then back again for Autumn at the end of September/beginning of October. August proved to be somewhat stormy, but I still managed a few days out in the […]

And I’m Off To Lofoten

I’m finally making my way to Lofoten today. I fly from London, a long layover in Oslo, and finally arrive in Bodø in the evening. I’ll then catch the 0200 ferry which will put me in Moskenes around 0600 Tuesday morning. At least I should be able to get a few hours sleep on the […]

Lofoten Islands Travel Plans

I’ve finally managed to put together plans for last summer and autumn travels back to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. When I arrive in August, it will be my 10th trip to Lofoten since I was first there in the summer of 2001. Back then I never knew that some islands up in the arctic circle […]


Photo: Ferry to Lofoten. July 2006 I’ve had a few people tell me that even looking at this photo makes them feel a bit nauseous.  I set my tripod up to be level with the deck of the ferry of what I can only describe as a ‘rough’ crossing.  The smaller ferry had been canceled […]

Up And Running

Well, I think I now have the basics of the website up and running.  There’s probably still a few typos that I haven’t yet caught and maybe a few formatting errors, but I hope that everything else is good to go. I’ll be adding more content over the next weeks, so keep checking back….