New Page – Lofoten’s 5 Best Beaches

I’ve added a new page on the 5 best beaches (that you can drive to) on the Lofoten Islands. Lots of photos too!

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New Hiking Route Page – Steinstinden

I’ve added a new hiking route page for Steinstinden peak, located near Stamsund on Vestvagoy.



Photo: Ferry to Lofoten. July 2006

I’ve had a few people tell me that even looking at this photo makes them feel a bit nauseous.  I set my tripod up to be level with the deck of the ferry of what I can only describe as a ‘rough’ crossing.  The smaller ferry had been canceled the night before and so most of the waiting passengers took this boat in the morning. Little did we know what we were in for.

I’ve never been sea-sick in my life, but if there was a time to be, it would have been on this trip.  Had the boat taken another hour, I probably would have joined the rest of the passengers in finding some place to hurl over the edges of the boat.

I had initially tried to sit inside during the journey, but after a while the smell got a little bad, if you know what I mean.  I went outside for a little fresh air but it was a bit cool so after a while I headed back to my seat inside.  That idea lasted all of about two minutes when the lady directly across from me pulled her barf bag up to her face and proceeded to fill it.  Hmm maybe I should get out of here!

I’d guess that 80% of the boat was sick and in various states of despair, from merely being green in the face to groups of people curled up on the floor outside the toilets. And because the seas were so rough, the journey took almost two hours longer than usual, not helping the situation much.

And so began my second journey to Lofoten…