Lofoten Islands Travel Plans

I’ve finally managed to put together plans for last summer and autumn travels back to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. When I arrive in August, it will be my 10th trip to Lofoten since I was first there in the summer of 2001. Back then I never knew that some islands up in the arctic circle with constantly bad weather would become such an important part of my life. I guess we each find our paradise in different places. Now, if I only didn’t live 10,000km away!

I’m flying to Bodø on August 20th, which means I’ll probably catch the night ferry to Moskenes and arrive early on the 21st. Hopefully I’ll still get some summer weather, but it’s been pretty rainy and cold so far this year so I don’t really know. I have a few main hikes I want to make to gather more info for this site. And hopefully a night our two at Kvalvika beach (where I haven’t camped since summer 2006) and maybe Horseid beach as well. For this first part of the trip I’ll be on the islands for two weeks, until September 4th, when I fly down to Germany.

Around September 25th I’ll be back on the islands after a week or so hiking on the Kungsleden in northern Sweden. Again I’ll probably stay for another two weeks or so, until mid October. Probably down to Sweden after that, but I’m sort of thinking about visiting southwest Norway, where I’ve never really been before.