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I’m finally finished with my travels for the year, which included about 4 weeks on Lofoten:  Two weeks catching the end of summer in late August and then back again for Autumn at the end of September/beginning of October.

August proved to be somewhat stormy, but I still managed a few days out in the mountains and some wonderful nights camping at Horseid and Kvalvika beaches.

As I returned again at the end of September, I was mostly expecting just to shoot some Autumn color and be content with walking away with a few good photos.  But the Autumn remained mild and calm, and day after day I found myself on top of one mountain or another: Skottind, Himmeltind, Offersoykammen, and Hoven.  I tried to save these for the days with the best weather, but wasn’t always successful in this regard.  But all in all, I exceeded my expected productivity for this part of the trip.

My only disappointment comes in regards to the northern lights.  From August till October, I spend 6 weeks north of the Arctic Circle: 4 on Lofoten, 2 in north Sweden hiking on the Kungsleden.  Though in this time I only ever saw a few minor displays that weren’t particularly photogenic.  That is until my last night in Lofoten, when the entire sky lit up from horizon to horizon for the best Aurora that I’ve ever seen.  The only problem was that I was aboard the Hurtigurten, sailing across the Vestfjord to Bodø.  Thus I could only watch, knowing I couldn’t take any photos.  But as I like to say, it’s just all the more reason to go back and try my luck again.  At the moment I have the end of February roughly scheduled for my next visit.

If I can keep myself to a decent writing schedule I should be able to add one new page per week or so, plus couple new photo galleries as well.  And if anyone has any suggestions on info you’d like to see that I’ve yet to write about, let me know and I’ll do my best…

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