New Image Galleries

I’ve added several new image galleries to the portfolio section of the website.

Winter 2018

Summer 2018

Autumn 2018

Winter 2019

I get a little busy with writing these days and so I sometimes forget that the origins of this website back in 2010was as a photo portfolio for my Lofoten work. But I also don’t process as many images as I used to, and so I need time to go back through the images I shot and edit some stuff which I may have missed, especially from the winters when I get too busy guiding to keep up with things.

I’m still mainly focused on writing at the moment, with some probably overly ambitious plans for two new ebooks within the next few months – though the 2nd one will likely have to wait until after my winter tour season. And hopefully some updates to already existing books. I’ll see what happens – my head only has so many words in it!

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