March Freeze - Friday Photo #535

Friday Photo #535 – March Freeze

Photo: Snow from sea to summit across over western Lofoten, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway. March 18, 2023. 13:29

This week, more weather news! Perhaps I’m getting a little too repetitive and basically just turning into a weatherman these days. But after 10 years of these Friday photo posts, I often find myself struggling with what to write about. I’ve even thought of reducing the frequency to every other week, but I fear that would allow me to become too lazy. So once a week it will remain, but likely with a fair amount of ‘here’s what happened this week on Lofoten…’ type of posts. I’ve also contemplated on maybe switching over to a YouTube type vlog post for each week, but I also don’t really think I have the personality to be a YouTuber. I’m better with just written words.

Anyhow, last week (Friday Photo #534), I wrote that I expected March to come in around 3-4˚c degrees below average for the month, which is 0.1˚c. And I was pretty accurate! The average temperature for March 2023 was -3.3˚c, so just in the middle of my guesstimate. I’m actually surprised the average didn’t come in a little colder as there were 14 days which fell below -10˚c. My hands can still feel the cold of many days and nights out guiding!

But now with April, ‘mild’ weather has arrived. Though this was not before a moderately intense storm last Friday brought a lot of chaos to northern Norway, mostly in Troms and Finnmark. Tragically, 4 people died in 3 separate avalanches on Friday, two skiers, and two people sitting at home when their house and farm was hit by an avalanche and pushed into the sea. Such an occurrence also occurred in Skjelfjord, here in Lofoten, I believe in 1998 or so. By modern safety standards, many houses here in Norway would not be allowed to be built in the locations in which they are. The same for many roads.

This week’s photo is a drone view showing the beautiful white snow covering off west Lofoten in mid March. Often these last years, Moskenesøy on has periodic snow cover as longer spells of rain and warm southern wind seem to be more common. But this image is how Lofoten should look! Snow from sea to summit.

Head over to my Instagram account for (almost) daily postings of the local conditions here on Lofoten: @distant.north

Camera Info:
DJI Air 2s

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