Hiking Kungsleden trail

Over to Sweden for a Minute – Kungsleden Trail

I’m going to bring you guys over to northern Sweden for a moment.  Over on my photography blog I’ve written a 4 part series about my hike on the northern section of the Kungleden trail this part September.  It was actually where I was between my two Lofoten trips last year (plus a week in Germany).  While not totally relevant to this site, northern Sweden is also an incredibly amazing and scenic area and worth a visit sometime, or in combination with a trip to Lofoten.  Enjoy…

Part 1 – Germany to Kebnekaise Fjällstation

Part 2 – Kebnekaise Fjällstation to Sälka

Part 3 – Sälka to Alesjaure

Part 4 – Alesjaure to Abisko

Hiking the Kungsleden trail in Autum – An overview for late season hiking on the northern Kungsleden trail.

Snow covered mountain rise above lake Radujavri along Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden

Photo: Lake Radujavri in evening light, Kungsleden trail, Sweden. Sept 2012

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