Winter sunrise on snow covered Olstind mountain peak rising from Fjord, Toppøya, Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

New Winter 2013 Gallery

New images from February 2013 are now in a new gallery.  Yay!

CLICK HERE– to checkout the Winter 2013 photo gallery.

Where are the Northern Lights photos?  I had a fair bit of luck with the Northern Lights this last trip.  So instead of adding maybe 1 or 2 photos which miss some nice images.  Or adding 5 to 6 photos which would then overpower the rest of the images in the gallery, I figured I’d just make a separate gallery just for Northern Lights photos.  I should have this online by next week.  I figure this is also best as some people might just be looking for Aurora images and not really care about anything else.  I haven’t quite decided if I will keep the gallery to just images from this last trip, or if I’ll throw in some older stuff as well, some of which already appears on the site here already.  But I’m leaning towards the latter, as it will give you guys a better overall perspective on say the difference between photos from Autumn and Winter (ie: no snow or snow). We’ll see…

Also, maybe sometime in the next week or two, I’ll post up a few more thoughts about the Winter light on Lofoten, and how even a few weeks seem to make a difference.

Hope you enjoy the photos!  And as always, any feedback is appreciated…


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