Summer Rain - Friday Photo #496

Friday Photo #496 – Summer Rain

Photo: Midnight summer rain over mountains of Vestvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway. July 4, 2022. 00:07

So far this summer it has been one of those years with either completely clear weather or completely grey weather. And while sunset doesn’t occur during the midnight sun season from late May to mid July, so nice color can occur with the right cloud conditions. But often this year, even in the late night hours, the light has just been a bit, ‘ehhh…’ With the sun just hanging over the horizon in a semi-hazy blue sky. But finally this week there was a little bit of nice drama in the sky and the weather turned blustery and rain showers swept across the islands.

Luckily the fields by my house have escaped their summer cutting so far, by this late in the summer the grasses are already growing much higher than the flowers, giving the late a bit more of a wild and unkempt look than a few weeks previous. On my daily route to Leknes I can see the farmers have cut most of the fields already, so it won’t be long until this one is harvested as well and then the flowers will be gone for the year.

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Camera Info:
Nikon Z7 II
Nikon 24-200mm f/4-6.3
ISO 400
f 6.3
1/80 second
WB Daylight

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi there Cody,

    Been following your blog for quite some time now and really appreciate your work and blog entries! My family and I will be in Lofoten for 11 days at the end of July and we are so excited. I’m a professional photographer and Lofoten has definitely been a place I’ve always wanted to visit …. and finally getting my chance! I’ve got quite a few places picked out to visit and hoping for some better light conditions 😉 Also, the reason for my reply was to ask how the seaweed is on the beaches now? I remember your post from early May saying it was pretty bad, but wondering if the seaweed has improved since? It’s so hard to find info online, which makes your blog such a valuable resource for visitors like me who are trying to maximize their time and photo opportunities during our short visit!! Many thanks for all you do, and can’t wait to visit here soon. Take care, Dan


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