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It’s barely been six weeks since I left the islands, but another journey to Lofoten begins this morning.  From leaving my home in California to when I arrive at the hostel in Stamsund will be somewhere around a 38 hour journey.  Needles to say, I think the first thing I’ll do when I arrive is crawl into my sleeping bag for a few hours!

Normally it should’t take so long to get there, even from here in California, but when I left Europe last month I flew from Stockholm, which was more convenient at the time.  But not for my return, it is just an extra, unneeded excursion.

I was also planning on taking the ferry to Moskenes, but after looking things over once more, I have decided to catch the first flight of the day, 5:30 on Friday morning.  It should be nice to see the islands with the sun still low on the horizon.  Hopefully it’s not too cloudy!

And speaking of the sun, the sunset is now nearly 10pm, with any remains of night quickly vanishing.  And on the other end, sunrise is all to early.  I’m tired from hard work over the last month, but I doubt I’ll be getting much rest while on the islands.

This trip will also be a little different than my previous ones in that I’ll be meeting up with a couple fellow photographers visiting the islands for the first time and helping to show them around a bit.  It should be a fun time.

I leave the islands on May 10 and head south to Germany for a week, and then to Poland for a week, staying in friends in both places.  Hopefully the continent has warmed up to something more springlike by then.

And I apologize in advance,  but I’ll likely be a bit slow to reply to any emails I receive in the next weeks…

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  1. David Foster says:

    Are you guys staying in Reine at the “Old Hotel” in the beginning of May? I tried to book a room there but a group of photographers beat me to it! Had to settle for may 6 – may 11 and spend the first week in my tent instead 🙂

    Perhaps I’ll see you around the beaches in the coming weeks.

    Take care.


  2. Brian says:

    Hope you had a great trip and great weather! Too bad I just found your website as I would have loved to join the photo group. This site is a miracle for me, serving as the PERFECT guide for me to quickly come up to speed on the logistics and orientation to the beautiful sites that I want to see to make my trip to the Lofoten islands the best it could be! I can’t thank you enough. I definitely will be buying a print in the future. =)


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