New Articles – May 2019

I’ve added 2 new articles to the website in an attempt to get some information online before the beginning of the summer season. Most of the info is also in the updated edition of Seasons on Lofoten: Summer ebook, and will be added to the others when time allows.

The first article is a short write up about Norway’s newest national park – Lofotodden nasjonalpark. Created in 2018, it will oficially open in June 2019.

Lofotodden national park

The second article is covering drone flying regulations in Norway and Lofoten, as drones are becoming an ever growing item in photography and travel – many people are unaware of the flying regulations for drones here. No one will care or listen to me anyhow, but when the police charge you 20,000 for flying too close to the airport or in a wildlife protection zone, don’t say you didn’t know. A recent article on NRK (in Norwegian) as an example after a video posted on YouTube was reported.

Drone Regulations on Lofoten

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