Offersoykammen lofoten islands hiking

Mountain Name: Offersøykammen – Location: Vestvågøya – Elevation: 436m – Difficulty: Easy – Time: 1 hour

Offersøykammen is a small peak rising from the turbulent waters of the Nappstraumen on the western edge of Vestvågøya.  Almost an island in its own right, the views from the summit overlook the flats of central Vestvågøya to the east, while the mountain wall of Flakstadøya rises to the west.  An easy and well worn trail leads to the summit, making Offersøykammen a popular ‘Sunday hike’ among the locals.

Getting There

Offersøykammen is located on the north side of the E-10, just to the east of the Nappstaumen tunnel entrance.  From Leknes, the distance is 6.5 km.  Two parking options are available.  The first is a small pullout on the E-10, only when traveling to the west (ie: from Leknes), with room for 2-3 cars if everyone parks nicely.  When driving from Leknes, the pullout is approximately 200m past the blue sign ‘Kunst 800m.’

The alternate parking area is located on Offersøyveien, running parallel to the E-10.  If traveling from from Leknes, after making the turn to ‘Å’ and crossing the bridge, make a left turn at the road marked ‘Skreda,’ this is Offersøyveien.  Drive 600m until you see the obvious parking area on the right.  Park here.  Walk up to the E-10, and the trail starts at the pullout on the north side.

The Trail

From the pullout area on the E-10, the trail is immediately visible, heading uphill into the forest.  The route heads through the trees for several hundred meters before climbing above the tree line.  From here, the trail splits on occasion, just keep heading up.  The first section is the steepest and the grade gradually decreases as you approach the summit.  Soon you will be at the fairly flat summit.  Be mindful of the cliffs on the north side.  Enjoy the views.

offersoykammen hiking map

Offersoykammen lofoten islands hiking

Photo: View towards Himmeltindan from summit of Offersøykammen, Lofoten Islands, Norway


Offersoykammen lofoten islands hiking

Photo: Mist shrouds summit of Offersøykammen, Lofoten Islands, Norway


Offersoykammen lofoten islands hiking

Photo: Autumn sun shines from behind mountains of Flakstadøya from summit of Offersøykammen, Lofoten islands, Norway