Vindstad, Moskenesøy

602 meters

4 km

Moderate - Exposed

2-3 hours

Most visitors to Lofoten will only ever see Helvetestinden as a massive granite slab that rises directly from Bunes Beach.  While this is an enjoyable view, making the hike to the summit of Helvetestinden provides an even more spectacular view down to Bunes beach with its vast expanse of white sands and turquoise waters now far below you.

A round trip up the mountain will take fit hikers in the neighborhood of 4-5 hours.  If only heading to the mountain as a day trip, be sure to make note of the ferry schedule so you don’t end up stuck in Vindstad for the night.

Getting there

The journey to Helvetestinden begins in Reine where you will the ferry to Vindstad (and Bunes beach).

A new ferry is running from summer 2021, which is now located in the guest harbor, near the Circle K gas station, just beyond the small toilet building.

New parking regulations are coming to Reine by summer 2022. For visiting Bunes, paid parking is at the Ytre Havn, 40 NOK/hr.


The trail

Exiting the boat in Vindstad, continue right as you leave the pier and follow the track through the village towards the back of the fjord.  As you near the end of the fjord and pass a cemetery on the left side, you will see a sign pointing towards Bunes beach a trail leading left and up the hill.  Take this.

Leaving the village behind and heading up the hill towards Bunes beach the trail quickly reaches the summit of the small pass and begins to level out.  Begin to look for a small trail leading towards the right, over the grassy slopes and towards the rock field some 150-200 meters away.  There are numerous small trails, not all of which are always clear, but as you near the rocky part of the slope, you should soon find a clear and well worn trail which will lead you up the mountain.

Following the worn, but unmarked trail, you continue higher and higher up the side of the mountain and through the rocks until the trail steepens just before reaching the ridge at approximately 400 meters.  Stop here for a moment and enjoy the fantastic views to Kjerkfjord on the other side.  From here the trail follows the ridge to the left and begins the finial climb to the summit.

Initially wide, the ridge will narrow as you ascend the mountain and you will come to a series of narrow rocky sections to negotiate.  Next, the ridge gradually flattens just before the final climb to the summit.  This is the most difficult part of the hike and you will need to navigate several small rock steps with moderate amounts of exposure.  Use caution.  A bit further and you will be at the small, flat summit of the mountain with wonderful views in every direction.


There are 3 general camping possibilities for an overnight trip to Helvetestind.

Bunes beach: This option makes the most sense if you just want a dayhike up the mountain. Setup camp at the beach first, and then take your time up the mountain.

Saddle at 400M: There are several flat areas to pitch a tent here. Somewhat sheltered from the wind (depending on direction). No water.

Summit: Plenty of room for a tent.  Can be muddy if it has rained recently. No protection from the elements, so you will be exposed to the full force of whatever weather might arrive.  No water

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