Unstad, Vestvågøy

238 meters

1.5 km


45 minutes

Helligberget, meaning ‘the holy mountain,’ is a small hill on the west side of Unstad bay. While not necessarily a destination itself and more often seen in the background of images taken from the beach, it is a nice short hike with scenic views if you are looking for something fairly easy or a place to watch the midnight sun after an evening surf session.

Getting There

Helligberget is located in the village of Unstad, 21km northeast from Leknes on Vestvågøy.

Arriving in Unstad and passing through the village, turn left at the fork in the road and park on the left side of the beach in the parking area.

The trail

From the parking area, walk west down the gravel road in the direction of the red boat houses. After 600 meters you pass through a gate. From the gate, continue down the road for another 250-ish meters, towards the ruined building in the distance. Shortly before the building, leave the road and begin the hike up the edge of the grassy ridge on the left side (before it becomes a steeper cliff closer to the building). There are some faint trails which you should pickup as you ascend past the slight boggy areas at the bottom and follow the the south side of the subtle ridge.

Follow the trail across the small river and then around the north side of of the pond. If you haven’t found the trail by now, it begins to climb from the center of the pond on its wester side. The trail winds it way up the rocky hillside gaining about 100m of elevation before arriving at a narrow pass.

Continue to the right (north) along the edge of the hill for a short distance longer before arriving at the broad summit of Helligberget.


The summit of Helligberget is fairly broad and flat, allowing room for several tents, though the grasses tend to be fairly lumpy.

No water available.

Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide
Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide
Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide
Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide
Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide
Helligberget | Lofoten Hiking Guide



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