Ramberg, Flakstadøy

240 meters

.75 km


30 - 45 minutes

Nubben is a small rock outcropping rising above the village of Ramberg. Though only a couple hundred meters in elevation, the summit provides better than expected panoramic views across Ramberg beach and the surrounding coastline. A steepish, but easy and short trail leads you to the top; this also makes it a popular destination for locals on their afternoon walks. Sit up here on a summer night and watch the midnight sun drift across the sea to the north.

Getting there

The trail to Nubben begins in Ramberg, across from the Bunnpris supermarket. Park in the shop parking lot and cross the E10 towards the mountain. Take the road to the left of the yellow house, heading in the direction of the large storage tank on the hill a couple hundred meters away. As you near the top of the road, you will see a small sign marked ‘tursti.’ Follow this trail, continuing towards the storage tank ahead of you.

The Trail

Passing the tank, the trail quickly begins to steepen. While never marked, the trail is always easy to follow. And though it might look a little on the steep side at first, the trail is well worn into the hillside and does not provide too much exposure.

The trail continues to wind its way back and forth up the mountain with a few rock steps here and there, but overall it is an easy hiking by Lofoten standards. As you near the top, the trail begins to turn south and becomes a bit muddy, but less steep.

As the trail flattens out, it splits. Keep right and ascend the small rocky outcropping to the summit of Nubben. Continuing left will take you higher up the mountain and to the summit of Moltind (696 m).


There is no camping on the summit of Nubben itself. However, if you continue a short ways along the trail towards Moltind, there are several good places for a tent. No water available.

Nubben Hiking Map


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