Eltoft, Vestvågøy

361 meters

1.5 km


45 Minutes to Top

Eltofttuva is one of the easier small hills in the Leknes area. Never more than a moderate steepness and no steep cliffs, the hike is family and child friendly (by Norwegian standards). Popular with the locals, the trail is well worn and always easy to follow. While not the most spectacular mountain on Lofoten, the views from the summit are nice enough, with the towering peaks or Ristinden and Himmeltindan rising to the west.

Getting There

Eltofttuva is located in central Vestvågøy, approximately 13km northeast from Leknes, on the way to Unstad. From Leknes, drive east on the E10 for 11.5km until reaching the sign posted turn to Unstad on Steinfjordveien. Turn here.

Continue down the road for 2km, where you then arrive at a small recreation area with a gravel parking lot and several wooden buildings on the left side of the road, opposite lake Holdalsvatnet. Park here.

From the parking lot, walk between the two wooden shelters and follow the well worn trail uphill, towards the gate a short distance away.

The Trail

The trail begins behind the two wooden shelter buildings, heading immediately uphill and towards a large gate a short distance away. Passing through the gate continue along the fairly eroded trail as it continues straight for a short distance longer before turning right and heading towards the the ridge.

The trail now follows the wide ridge in a southwest direction towards the summit, roughly 1km away. The trail remains fairly easy going as you continue to ascend. Shortly before the summit is a short, slightly steeper section which climbs its way to the first (higher) summit of Eltofttuva. Climb the rocks to the cairn to reach the highest point.


The summit of Eltofttuva has plenty of room for a tent or two.

Water: There is a small pond, Heivatnet, just below the summit. However, as the mountain is open grazing land for sheep throughout the summer, I would not recommend drinking from it. So realistically, no water available at the summit.

eltofttuva hiking map

Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide
Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide
Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide
Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide
Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide
Eltofttuva 361m - Lofoten Hiking Guide



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