Kollfjellet Mountain Hiking Guide

New Mountain Hikes Added to Website

I’ve added 4 new mountain hiking guides to the website today. They have all previously been available in the eBook: West Lofoten Hikes, but now they are also here on the website.

The new mountain guides are for:

Merraflestind, Moskenesøy – 537m

Kollfjellet, Flakstadøy – 512m

Blekktind, Flakstadøy – 622m

Hestræva, Flakstadøy – 485m

I will hopefully add several more hikes to the website throughout the spring, particularly for Vestvågøy and Austvågøy islands, where I spend a bit more time hiking last summer/autumn, but haven’t found the time or motivation to write the guides so far. Lately I’ve put most of my effort into eBook updates, so haven’t been paying as much attention to the website, other than the weekly Friday Photo blog posts.

But there are now quite a few mountains that I’ve photographed over the last years don’t have a place in any of my current eBooks, so I’ll (probably) add them here first, as any future eBook guides will likely be some years away, mostly due to Covid and lack of sales over the last year. Unfortunately resulting in that I can’t afford the amount of travel required to head east to Austvågøy on a regular basis. Hopefully things change for the better soon!

Merraflestinden Hiking Guide
Kollfjellet Mountain Hiking Guide
Blekktind Mountain Hiking Guide
Hestræva Lofoten Hiking Guide
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